Live staging, merging and backups with 365 days retention.

What is SiteStream?

With SiteStream you can easily make a copy of your website to test things out. When you are done testing and want to put the changes live, you can do this with one click. 
SiteStream also includes extensive backup functionality up to 365 days back. Furthermore SiteStream is optimized for WooCommerce.


Easily develop a website and put your changes live without any problems or hassle. 

When is SiteStream interesting?

For the larger and more professional websites and webshops SiteStream is a smart choice. If you often install new plugins or make changes to the code, you can first implement these changes on the staging site and test them extensively. After that you can easily put your changes live.

What is a real-time backup?

Normally back-ups are made at certain times, at SiteStream we make a back-up as soon as a change occurs. This way you always have access to the latest version of a file. 

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