Everything you need to know about Elementor
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Everything you need to know about Elementor

Besides the well-known Gutenberg Editor, building a website with the Elementor is currently immensely popular. Because not everyone is familiar with the Elementor builder yet, we decided to summarize the most important information. By reading this, you will know exactly why Elementor is the tool to build a website in WordPress in a quick and easy way.

What is Elementor - feature builder

Elementor is a free WordPress page builder. It is a kind of software that can be used to build pages, posts or the header and footer in WordPress, in a simple way. Elementor software makes it possible to optimally personalize your site. This tool contains dozens of useful widgets and blocks you can use. You also have access to a large template library to complement your website. This makes it one of the most comprehensive page builders for WordPress at the moment. 

So, Elementor is officially a page builder plug-in that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live front-end editor. This makes it possible to create complex layouts visually and to customize your website live. The page builder allows you to create a high quality design without having to use complicated code or CSS. This means you no longer have to depend on developers to customize your site. This makes it a perfect choice for people who want to build or modify their own sites.

Benefits of Elementor

What is the main advantage of building a website with Elementor? The most important and also the biggest advantage of Elementor is that you can make use of a wide range of templates. This makes it possible to create custom page layouts and designs that are not available in a WordPress theme. You don't need any HTML, CSS or PHP skills to add these, so even a layman can get started.

Another big advantage is the fact that online text editing and real-time previews give you greater control over the editing interface. This way, you can make changes to your site in no time and they will be applied immediately. On top of that, Elementor makes it possible to have your  Desktop, tablet and mobile views can be adjusted separately. This makes it accessible for all businesses to develop a responsive website. Some other great benefits include:

  • The Elementor page builder is well built and makes your website faster than any other page builder.
  • The front-end editor makes it very easy to make changes to your site without having to save and visit the page first.
  • Elementor is completely free to use
Elementor in action

Extensive possibilities with Elementor Pro

Besides the standard free version of Elementor, it is possible to opt for Elementor Pro. This is a special extension plug-in intended for web designers and professionals. Elementor Pro contains extensive features that allow you to add more functionality to your site. Think of a theme editor, WooCommerce builder or even the ability to add motion effects. The cost of Elementor Pro varies between 49 euro and 999 dollar, depending on the subscription you get and the number of sites you want to use Elementor Pro for. More information can be found at this link. 

The many advantages of Elementor make it the choice of the moment. Thanks to Elementor and Elementor Pro, you will be able to design your site in the best possible way. Building a website with Elementor is not only for beginners, but also for experts and designers.

All (Managed) WordPress hosting packages at Surver are optimized for Elementor. This way, your site will not only load very fast, but you can also contact our support for Elementor related questions. Inform Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

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