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Over 12 years of knowledge and experience invested in creating the best (Managed) WordPress hosting solution in the market. We have all the tools in house to get the best out of your WordPress website, so you don't have to worry about speed, stability and security.

Optimized infrastructure

The latest technologies; fast NVMe storage and LiteSpeed webservers, fully optimized for WordPress. We also use the latest caching and optimisation techniques which we seamlessly integrate into your WordPress installation. This way your visitors are guaranteed the fastest loading times. Always.
WordPress hosting
  • LiteSpeed Web Servers
  • NVMe Storage
  • Optimization tools

The number of orders on your website, compared to the number of visitors, increases enormously if your website loads fast. This in contrast to a slow website, where more than 40% of the visitors leave the site when it takes longer than three seconds to load.

LiteSpeed Web Servers

At Surver, we understand the importance of a fast site. Our latest generation Litespeed webservers are designed for maximum performance, to make your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop as fast as possible.

LiteSpeed Cache

Furthermore, our packages come standard with the LiteSpeed Cache tool; the best available caching solution in the market. This tool makes the use of separate caching plugins such as WP Rocket, W3 Total cache or WP Fastest Cache by Surver completely unnecessary.

Forget SSD. NVMe is the new standard

As one of the first in the market we offer all servers with 100% NVMe storage. NVMe is currently the fastest possible form of storage. With a direct connection to the motherboard, data read and write times are up to almost 30x faster than regular storage and up to almost 7x faster compared to SSD.

Running a server costs serious money. The less you pay for a package, the more websites are placed on a server to make it profitable, resulting in slow load times, downtime and unhappy visitors.

The difference a good and fast server can make on the loading time of a site is often forgotten. It is better to invest a few extra euros per month in a decent package, than to go for the cheap solution.

With Surver you are assured of the fastest loading times in the market, as well as high uptime guarantees and adequate response from our WordPress professionals.


WordPress sites can run a lot faster if they are properly optimized. Surver runs all websites on LiteSpeed servers in combination with LiteSpeed cache. LiteSpeed cache works at both server and website level. With the managed WordPress packages we set the LiteSpeed cache for you so you can benefit from fast loading times. 

Besides LiteSpeed cache we offer a number of tools to optimize the images of your site. You can also use a CDN or CacheFlow to make your site really super fast. 

WordPress optimization

WordPress without worries

Doing what you do best and what you like, that's what we at Surver find most important. With us as your online WordPress partner, you are assured of an optimally functioning, fast and especially secure website, day in and day out. And if something goes wrong, we will notify you if it is already solved.
  • Maintenance & Management
  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Malware-free guarantee

Continuous maintenance of WordPress, the theme and the plugins is necessary to keep your WordPress site running at its best. These updates ensure that your site is always fast, secure and up-to-date. Missing an update is not so bad, but postponing maintenance for a longer period of time only causes conflicts and security risks.

Automatic updates

For smaller, less complex WordPress websites the updates can be performed automatically. We will first make a backup to make sure you always have a working version of your site. If something goes wrong during an update, we come into action and restore the backup. If something still goes wrong with the manual update, we will look for a solution together.

Checked updates

For larger, more complex WordPress websites or WooCommerce shops with many visitors it is important to carry out the updates in a controlled manner. In consultation we schedule a time and set up a staging environment for the website where we can safely perform the updates. After we have checked the installation we merge it with the live site. Periodically we will send you a report of the work done.

Any minute

We check the accessibility of all the websites we manage every minute. Every other minute; that's 720 checkpoints per day. 720 moments per day where we are ready to take action when a problem occurs with your website.

Response time

Our uptime checks allow us to respond quickly and adequately to problems so that as few visitors as possible are affected. This way we can be pro-active in our support and you are always assured of a working website that is available for your customers.

Daily backup

Every day we make two backups of all your files, databases, mail accounts and DNS records. You can also use our WordPress toolkit to set a backup frequency for your WordPress sites.


With a retention period of 150 days, Surver guarantees that you will always have a working version of your website. If necessary, you can restore a backup of your site in just a few clicks via the cPanel control panel. If you need help, we are of course here to help you.

Extended Backup

It is also possible to extend the backup functionality for a fee. Via our SiteStream tool we offer live backups, staging and merging, with a retention period of 365 days. Look here for more information about SiteStream.

Most hosting companies only rent you the server space. So you are responsible for the files you put on the server and the maintenance of it. If something goes wrong, or your website is hacked, then your website is often blocked and you have to find a solution yourself, with the result that you are unavailable to customers for days.

At Surver, we do things differently...

Proactive prevention

At our Managed Packages We take full responsibility for your WordPress website.

All our servers are protected by multiple firewalls. Furthermore, we keep all server software up-to-date and monitor events on your WordPress website continuously. We also pro-actively scan each website daily for malware or malicious code.

Always a solution

In the unlikely event that your WordPress site is hacked, our first priority is to make sure your website is hack-free.

Our IT professionals have years of experience with WordPress and ensure that your website will be delivered hack-free in no time.

Reachable and helpful helpdesk

Providing fast and expert hosting and WordPress support, that's our number one priority. No scripted answers or obscure manuals, but a passionate team of experts ready to help you every day; by phone, email or chat.

WordPress maintenance and support
  • Hosting support
  • WordPress experts
  • Pro-active

Hosting has many options and possibilities. Because of this, it can sometimes be confusing how to go about things. That's why Surver takes care of the hosting maintenance for you! Surver makes sure your WordPress site works fast and well, so you can keep yourself busy with the content. 

Help with hosting

Do you have questions about the setup of your hosting package or for example the DNS of your domain? We are happy to help. Would you rather set it up yourself, then we will gladly explain how you can do that. 

WordPress Help

If you have a question about WordPress, you can also contact our helpdesk. If we can solve your problem within 10 minutes we will do this for free. For larger questions we always give a price indication.

By purchasing all the WordPress work from one party, you can switch quickly and problems are solved quickly. Surver knows how to build a fast website or webshop that runs well on the LiteSpeed infrastructure.

WordPress modifications

Our WordPress experts are happy to help you with small or recurring changes to your WordPress site. Our regular customers have the option to buy hours monthly or as a strippenkaart. This gives you a discount and you do not have to invoice each hour separately. Check Here for more information.

Design & development

Surver also designs and develops websites. From smaller landing pages based on a template to large websites and webshops that are custom designed and developed. We gladly advise you about the possibilities and which solution will achieve the best results. Check Here for more information.

Almost all hosting companies only come into action after you ask them for help and even then you can sometimes wait a long time before they do anything. Surver helps you with everything that is involved in a WordPress site. Proactive and prepared, Surver makes sure your website works great.

We look ahead

We monitor various aspects of your website, such as speed, security and effectiveness. If we notice that your website can be improved on a certain point, we will contact you and together find the best solution.

No hassle

Did you accidentally delete something or make a mistake? Because we know this happens often, we restore a backup in no time. With our foresight, we prevent hacks, down-time and errors. 

Complete WordPress hosting packages

Install, clone or modify WordPress installations in no time. Technical knowledge is not a requirement at Surver.

Professional webmail

Standard included with every package. Secure e-mailing, creating mail accounts, forwarding mails or setting up automatic replies. The Surver webmail is accessible worldwide from your phone, browser or favorite e-mail program.

Free .NL, .BE, .EU or .COM

As part of our Managed packages, we offer one free .NL, .BE or .COM domain name. Are you looking for a special extension? With more than 1300 extensions, the possibilities are endless; .nl, .com, .store, .xyz or .app, you name it!

Always terminable

No long contracts. At Surver, you pay per month as you wish and you can cancel per month. You can also try our packages free of charge for two weeks.

No restrictions

Create as many email addresses as you like, use multiple databases and sub-domains. At Surver, we impose as few restrictions as possible.

99.987% up-time

Certainty that your website is and stays online. Our infrastructure is set up in such a way that your website will (almost) never be down, but if it is we will come into action as soon as possible.

SSL certificates

We install a free SSL certificate with each hosting package so that everyone can visit your website safely. 

Our solutions

Whether you are just looking for the fastest WordPress hosting, or also for a reliable WordPress partner for maintenance, optimization and security, at Surver we offer a package to suit your needs.

WordPress hosting

Guaranteed fastest hosting, optimized for WordPress


Starting price /mn

Managed WordPress hosting

Speed, security, technical maintenance and WordPress support


Starting price /mn

Reseller hosting

Sell the fastest WordPress hosting, fully white labeled


Starting price /mn

Clear customer panel

At the mySurver customer panel, you can see all the services and domains you have purchased from us. You can easily order, expand or cancel services.

From the customer panel you can find all services and domains you have purchased from us. This allows you to keep an overview.

With our handy quick links you can log in to your webmail, cPanel or phpMyAdmin in no time.

Ordering new services is easily done from the customer panel. 

Would you like to take a look at the customer panel? Take contact and we will set up a test account for you.

What customers think of Surver

Martijn Scholten

Surver is top! They respond quickly, well and patiently. Hosting is fast. Think along with me when problems arise (had problems with hacked websites and the like). Highly recommended!


Sabine Hermans

What a great team! Within 5 minutes my domain name was registered and my mail account was set up. Besides that, they like to think along with you and give great advice!


Koen Zwarts

My switch to Surver went smoothly. The contact, both by phone and by e-mail, is always pleasant and flawless. Wishes are treated immediately and kindly confirmed when fulfilled. In one word: impeccable!


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