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Fast WordPress hosting

As one of the first in the market we offer all servers with 100% NVMe; the fastest possible form of storage. Fast LiteSpeed webservers & caching are part of every Managed package at Surver.

On our LiteSpeed server your WordPress website is at its best. Visitors convert better, your ranking in the search engines increases and advertising costs decrease, resulting in higher quality scores and more visitors.

Optimized for WordPress

We choose our servers specifically so that WordPress runs fast. With dedicated working memory and enough processing power. 

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nvme speed

NVMe Storage

The fastest possible form of storage; 30x faster than regular hard drive storage, and up to 7x faster than SSD.

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed cache works seamlessly with WordPress, so your site loads faster than ever and your website can handle many visitors.



All our packages are equipped with cPanel, the predecessor of all hosting panels. Including handy tools and extensive security.


We are upgrading to the latest version of PHP as soon as possible to gain as much speed as possible. The latest version of PHP is 250% faster than version 5.6. 

Hosting specifications

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