Speed optimization

A fast WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop provides the best user experience, higher conversion rates and the lowest advertising costs. The key to a fast website or webshop is a combination of fast hosting, good configuration and an optimized website.

More turnover through higher conversion

Achieve more sales by reducing website load time, both on desktop and mobile.

Better user experience

With a lower loading time, visitors can click through to your website more easily and this improves the user experience.

Higher position in the search engines

Google likes fast optimized websites. You will be rewarded with a higher position if you have a fast website.


Our optimization packages

A fast website, who doesn't want that?


Regular Price: 99.95
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Professional optimization

Regular Price: 199.95
Everything from Starter +

Business optimization

Regular Price: 299.95

Everything from Professional +

Speed optimization

Surver's speed optimizations make sure that WordPress works faster and your website loads faster. This will give your site a better score with Google and other search engines and keep your visitors coming back.  

3 sec charging time

Low loading times on both mobile and desktop ensure a great user experience

75+ score

Almost all websites we can guarantee a score of 75+ on Google pagespeed (Desktop).

lower costs

A faster loading time can lower your advertising costs on Google Ads. 

How do you optimize a website?

Plugin & theme

The amount and type of plugins you install can have a big influence on the speed. We are happy to give advice about which plugins you can use best,


Images are often large and therefore your website can become very slow. We can compress images and even convert them to the .webp file type. 


Caching pages, or storing a copy on the server that loads quickly, is very important. We set up the cache properly for you so that it works optimally.


CSS and Javascript files can be resized and combined. Surver can set this up for you without any problems. 


Some pages or sections should not be cached. We have a lot of experience with different websites and know what to exclude.


WordPress comes with a lot of features, but you don't always need them. We can deactivate them for you so your website will be faster again.

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