WordPress security at its best.

Experts in security

Security is paramount at Surver, both at the server level and the website itself. We ensure that your website will not be hacked and that your and your visitors' data remains safe.

Security is a top priority at Surver, from well-working virus scanners, firewalls and back-ups to separate hosting packages and strong passwords.

Security on every level

Our servers are optimally secured with malware prevention, firewalls and redundant backups. 

WordPress security

We are implementing several changes to make WordPress more secure. We also monitor the installation for suspicious activity. 

Server security

By using the latest security techniques, keeping software up-to-date and monitoring suspicious activity, our servers remain secure.

Malware prevention

We use imunify360. This anti-malware software scans all activity and code on your website and takes immediate action if something suspicious happens.

SSL certificate

We install an SSL certificate with each hosting package, so everyone can safely visit your website. 

Hack-free guarantee

If your website is hacked, we come into action immediately and we clean your website within 24 hours for free.


Afraid you'll lose something if something breaks? Don't worry, we make backups several times a day for up to half a year. 

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Are you curious about which package best suits your needs? Contact us and we will gladly advise you, without any obligations.

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