Managed WordPress VPS

Unlike shared hosting, with a Managed VPS you have your own resources at your disposal. So you will always enjoy the highest possible performance, uptime and security.

Enterprise 1

Managed VPS with LiteSpeed and NVMe storage



Server specifications:







1 CPU 3.1 GHz

Managed specifications:

Managed VPS extras:

Enterprise 2

Managed VPS with LiteSpeed and NVMe storage



Server specifications:







2 CPU 3.1 GHz

Managed specifications:

Managed VPS extras:

Enterprise 3

Managed VPS with LiteSpeed and NVMe storage



Server specifications:







4 CPU 3.1 GHz

Managed specifications:

Managed VPS extras:

Enterprise 4

Managed VPS with LiteSpeed and NVMe storage



Server specifications:







6 CPU 3.1 GHz

Managed specifications:

Managed VPS extras:

Always included

Looking for customization? We can set up up to 480GB of working memory and 38 CPU cores dedicated per server, which we can also cluster. Feel free to contact Contact us for the possibilities.

All the benefits of a Managed VPS

Why save money when your WordPress site or WooCommerce shop is your source of income? Don't take any risks and switch to a Managed WordPress VPS from Surver.


With many visitors or heavy applications, we can easily increase the speed of the VPS. This can be done by specifically expanding the memory, processor or storage space.

Premium Support

Our helpdesk is known for its knowledge and accessibility. We help you by phone, email or chat and think proactively with you.

WordPress experts

We know a lot about WordPress and want to share our knowledge. Questions about a plugin or how to solve a specific problem? We are here for you.

Safety first

Multiple firewalls and a malware scanner ensure that your website is safe and stays safe.

Always up-to-date

We ensure that the server is up to date and that the server is stable and secure, we also maintain the WordPress application(s) if desired.

Carefree. Always.

Every minute we check your website for accessibility. If something goes wrong, we take action to solve the problem.

What makes Surver different?

You can rely on us. We stand for the best web hosting, optimized for WordPress. If you are stuck, our experienced specialists are there for you; by email, chat or phone.

  • The fastest hosting
  • Maintenance & Management
  • Carefree entrepreneurship
  • WordPress experts

The number of orders on your website, compared to the number of visitors, increases enormously if your website loads fast. This in contrast to a slow website, where more than 40% of the visitors leave the site when it takes longer than three seconds to load.

LiteSpeed Web Servers

At Surver, we understand the importance of a fast site. Our latest generation Litespeed webservers are designed for maximum performance, to make your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop as fast as possible.

LiteSpeed Cache

Furthermore, our packages come standard with the LiteSpeed Cache tool; the best available caching solution in the market. This tool makes the use of separate caching plugins such as WP Rocket, W3 Total cache or WP Fastest Cache by Surver completely unnecessary.

Continuous maintenance of WordPress, the theme and the plugins is necessary to keep your WordPress site running at its best. These updates ensure that your site is always fast, secure and up-to-date. Missing an update is not so bad, but postponing maintenance for a longer period of time only causes conflicts and security risks.

Automatic updates

For smaller, less complex WordPress websites the updates can be performed automatically. We will first make a backup to make sure you always have a working version of your site. If something goes wrong during an update, we come into action and restore the backup. If something still goes wrong with the manual update, we will look for a solution together.

Checked updates

For larger, more complex WordPress websites or WooCommerce shops with many visitors it is important to carry out the updates in a controlled manner. In consultation we schedule a time and set up a staging environment for the website where we can safely perform the updates. After we have checked the installation we merge it with the live site. Periodically we will send you a report of the work done.

Any minute

We check the accessibility of all the websites we manage every minute. Every other minute; that's 720 checkpoints per day. 720 moments per day where we are ready to take action when a problem occurs with your website.

Response time

Our uptime checks allow us to respond quickly and adequately to problems so that as few visitors as possible are affected. This way we can be pro-active in our support and you are always assured of a working website that is available for your customers.

By purchasing all the WordPress work from one party, you can switch quickly and problems are solved quickly. Surver knows how to build a fast website or webshop that runs well on the LiteSpeed infrastructure.

WordPress modifications

Our WordPress experts are happy to help you with small or recurring changes to your WordPress site. Our regular customers have the option to buy hours monthly or as a strippenkaart. This gives you a discount and you do not have to invoice each hour separately. Check Here for more information.

Design & development

Surver also designs and develops websites. From smaller landing pages based on a template to large websites and webshops that are custom designed and developed. We gladly advise you about the possibilities and which solution will achieve the best results. Check Here for more information.

When to choose a VPS?

A Managed VPS at Surver offers a solution when your needs no longer fit into the regular shared services. This may be because of the demand for a higher memory, multiple CPUs, hosting of custom applications or other customization.

Unlike shared hosting, with a Managed VPS you have your own resources at your disposal. So you will always enjoy the highest possible performance, uptime and security.

Fast, Faster, Surver!

On our LiteSpeed server with built-in caching and optimisation tools, your WordPress website is at its best. As a result visitors convert better, your ranking in the search engines increases, your advertising costs fall and you enjoy higher quality scores, resulting in more visitors.

At Surver you can host the largest WordPress installations without any problems. Millions of page views per month, thousands of products or hundreds of orders per day, it's all no problem.

WordPress reseller hosting
WordPress optimization

Maintenance & Management

On our LiteSpeed server with built-in caching and optimisation tools, your WordPress website is at its best. As a result visitors convert better, your ranking in the search engines increases, your advertising costs fall and you enjoy higher quality scores, resulting in more visitors.

Your installation is continuously managed, maintained, optimized and secured by us. In addition, we monitor all aspects of your VPS and website to ensure that they always function optimally and always stay online.

Performance set-up

Every Managed VPS by Surver runs on the latest technologies; LiteSpeed webserver & Cache, NVMe storage, cPanel, Imunify360 and CloudLinux. With these tools you will outshine any other VPS in the market and you will be the absolute winner when it comes to speed, performance, security and stability.

Help where needed

With over 12 years of WordPress experience we know exactly what your site needs. With servers optimized for WordPress your website will be super fast.
Do you have a WordPress question, or do you want to spar with us about a suitable solution? Service means more to us than just support. We like to get in touch with you!

All add-ons; free of charge

We like to take your website to the next level; MailFlow for fast e-mail delivery, CacheFlow for the fastest loading times, SiteStream instant backups and a CDN for your international visitors.


Send thousands of emails per day through a dedicated transactional mail server. Guaranteed delivery within 0.3 seconds.


All pages stored in the working memory of the VPS. Need to load five hundred products in a fraction of a second? No problem!


Your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop worldwide up to 75% faster.

Dedicated IP

With a Dedicated IP you will score better in the search results, in a country of your choice.


Live staging or merging of your installation, with 365 days of backup retention.

Enterprise SLA

Tailor-made support as an addition to our services. Feel free to contact Contact us for the possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course we do! Do you have questions about our packages, or are you curious about which service best suits your needs? At Surver, we can be reached daily via email or chat. You can also submit a callback request and we will contact you by phone at your convenience.

Yes you can! Using our WordPress toolkit and extensive manuals, you can easily and quickly move your website to Surver. We also offer a free email import tool which you can use to import your mails and folder structure. If you don't know what to do, we'll be happy to help you!

Within each WordPress hosting package you can create an unlimited number of email accounts, completely free of charge. Through our webmail you can quickly and easily answer emails from anywhere in the world. It is also possible to create a link with Apple mail or Outlook. If you are unavailable, simply set an out-of-office with or without an end date.

It is possible at any time to upscale or downscale your WordPress hosting package. Please contact our team and we will arrange the up- or downgrade for you immediately.

For sure! For every WordPress hosting package we make a backup at least twice a day, of your site, mail accounts, databases and DNS records. You can restore these backups whenever you want. If you need any help, we are of course happy to help!

At Surver, we do not work with contracts or unclear agreements for our WordPress hosting services. The contract period is equal to the billing period, and you can cancel the subscription at any time, without notice.

Yes you are! At Surver you can use our WordPress hosting packages for 14 days without any obligation or cost. 2 days before the expiration date we'll contact you by phone and see if you're satisfied with our services. Only then will we activate the billing period for you.

After placing your order you will immediately receive the login information for the control panel cPanel. If you have a new domain name registered then it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours before all DNS servers worldwide the domain forward to your web hosting package.

Honestly? Why not! At Surver, we combine the fastest NVMe storage with LiteSpeed optimized servers and caching, with top-notch support; 24/7. Curious? Make use of our packages completely free of charge for 14 days and then decide if we're worth it.

What customers think of Surver

Martijn Scholten

Surver is top! They respond quickly, well and patiently. Hosting is fast. Think along with me when problems arise (had problems with hacked websites and the like). Highly recommended!


Sabine Hermans

What a great team! Within 5 minutes my domain name was registered and my mail account was set up. Besides that, they like to think along with you and give great advice!


Koen Zwarts

My switch to Surver went smoothly. The contact, both by phone and by e-mail, is always pleasant and flawless. Wishes are treated immediately and kindly confirmed when fulfilled. In one word: impeccable!


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