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Are you a starter and looking for a reliable WordPress partner? Then look no further! With over 12 years of WordPress experience we have all the tools to host your website in a fast, secure and stable way. If desired, we can also take care of the maintenance of your WordPress installation and we will help you make adjustments to your site.

We also make a difference by offering the service and support you would expect. You can reach us daily by email, chat or phone by appointment, and where most providers let you solve your problem yourself with a manual, we often tackle the problem ourselves.

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Why deal with different parties and standards? At Surver, we take care of everything for you! We register your domain, set up your mail and host your site. With our LiteSpeed servers and built-in optimization tools, nowhere else will you host your WordPress website faster than with us.

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The possibilities with WordPress are endless. The choice for an outdated theme with few options or a slow builder is easily made. We know what to choose and offer the best theme, page builder, security and optimization tools by default and free of charge within our Managed packages.

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  • Safe & secure
  • Outstanding service

The number of orders on your website, compared to the number of visitors, increases enormously if your website loads fast. This is in contrast to a slow website, where more than 40% of visitors leave the site when it takes longer than three seconds to load.

At Surver, we understand the importance of a fast site. Our latest generation servers are therefore designed for maximum performance for your WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop. We are one of the first in the Netherlands to offer fast LiteSpeed webservers, NVMe storage and built-in caching tools to enable the fastest loading times. 

With our managed packages we even go a step further and optimize your WordPress installation to ensure optimal performance. 

If you invest a few extra euros per month in a decent package, you will see this immediately in increasing conversion figures. 

By default, we make multiple daily backups of all your data, which you can restore via the cPanel control panel. We keep all this data for up to 150 days so you are always assured of a backup. Of course we also offer the possibility to make real-time backups of your WordPress installation. This is very handy when you want to do some major work or make some changes to your site.

Furthermore, our servers are secured with multiple firewalls and we scan your WordPress installation daily for viruses and malware. If your site is hacked, you can contact us directly for help. With our Managed packages we even offer a hack-free guarantee, where we do everything to keep your website safe. If your site is ever hacked, we will solve the problem for you free of charge.

Team Surver consists solely of passionate WordPress professionals. This translates not only into the constant search for the best managed hosting solution in the market, but also in providing quality service. 

Our people work with WordPress day in day out and receive regular training to keep up with the latest developments and newest tools. So with us you are assured of an answer to your question, or a solution to your problem. In most cases we will take care of your request ourselves, instead of sending you to an online manual where you can figure it out yourself.

With our managed packages, your website is monitored 24/7 by our professionals, solving potential problems before they become real ones.

Carefree entrepreneurship

With every package we offer useful tools that not only improve the performance and speed of your site, but also save you a lot of time.

Reliable hosting

With our fast, stable servers you will always be available to your customers and you will benefit from the fastest loading times in the market. Guaranteed!

Always safe

Every day we make multiple backups of your website and mail. So you never lose anything and you are always assured of a working website.

Fully secured

By default we install an SSL certificate (green lock). With our Managed packages your WordPress website is also preventively protected against hackers.

24/7 support

Do you have a WordPress related question or do you want to spar with us about your idea? We would love to help you out!

Ready to go

Don't worry about setting up WordPress or moving your website or mail, we'll take care of that for you!

Available on a monthly basis

At Surver, you pay per month as you wish and you can also cancel per month. You can also try our packages free of charge for two weeks.

Top service!

"I came in contact with Surver when my website was hacked. I sent an e-mail with my problem and within 5 minutes Boy called me; top service! We went through everything step-by-step and one day later it was solved. I immediately transferred everything to them; hosting, security, updates, everything. Personal contact, service and transparency are the core values of my company and that's also what I find at Surver."

Stijn Jansen

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With our WordPress hosting packages you benefit from the fastest hosting in the market. With our managed packages we also provide periodic maintenance, security and optimization of your WordPress installation.

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