About Surver

Surver was founded in 2017 with one simple goal:
Making life easier for thousands of entrepreneurs with a WordPress website!

Who are you?

We are Boy and David, the founders of Surver. Both working for years in the world of websites, webdesign and WordPress. After we joined forces with Surver it went fast. We host, maintain and build WordPress websites for mainly business like webshops, bloggers, SME and enterprise customers.

Surver gives us the opportunity to help as many companies as possible to reach their goals on the internet. From company website to webshop, we have the expertise.

Why was Surver founded?

Surver was founded in 2017 with one simple goal: to make life easier for thousands of entrepreneurs with a WordPress website. We're proud of what we've accomplished so far - and this is just the beginning! We've been in the web design business for years and have had the pleasure of delivering hundreds of websites together. But when it came to hosting and maintaining websites, our experiences were often negative. Dealing with different parties, systems and standards.

Our customers were often unclear about their website. Where can I change the content, how do I create a new email address or how do I update a plugin? Often the customer does not know where their site is hosted and who maintains it. Especially when their designer calls it quits one day. This is where the demand arose for one system where we could help our clients with all aspects of setting up a WordPress website, its maintenance, support and hosting.

Surver is set up to be a single point of contact for our clients. We want to make having a WordPress website or webshop as easy as possible. As a customer of Surver you don't have to worry, we take care of your website!

Where does the name Surver come from?

Surver stands for many things. Below a short explanation of how we came up with the name.


Fast, good and personal service is what Surver is all about. We want our customers to be satisfied and we want them to be able to use Surver for anything concerning their WordPress website. Surver maintains continuous contact with its clients so many questions can be answered immediately and no problems arise.


Support and maintenance are very important for a website. Normal hosting companies are not very pro-active and often don't offer any support on the website they built. Surver offers precisely that support for WordPress websites, making them safer, faster and better.


Websites run on a server, of course. We use new servers that are fast, secure and optimized for WordPress. Surver always wants the best for its customers, we achieve this by continuously maintaining the servers and software and if necessary upgrade them. 


With Surver, we want to take away the technical worries of a website from our clients. Surfing stands for freedom and not having to worry, that's what we want to achieve for our clients. Besides that, surfing to our clients websites should be as good and easy as possible, we guarantee that our clients don't have to worry about it.

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