What is a dedicated IP address?

An IP address is the number used to identify a device within a network. By default, the IP addresses of a server are used by all users on that server. An IP address ensures that a domain is redirected to the appropriate host and server, so that all incoming traffic is correctly directed. A dedicated IP address is an IP address that belongs to only one user or account.

The first big advantage of a dedicated IP address is the search engine ranking and reputation. Furthermore, a dedicated IP address is more secure and offers more functionality; direct connection, custom whitelisting, etc. With Surver it is also possible to link an IP address from a specific country to your package in the context of search engine ranking.

Custom countries

We can supply multiple IP addresses from different countries; The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, UK, Spain, Italy, etc.

Custom blocks and volume

If you want to purchase multiple dedicated IP addresses, this is certainly possible. By default these are offered in blocks in the size of 1, 5, 13 or 29. If you would like to use unique subnets and blocks we charge 99 euro extra per block, where each block is guaranteed to come from a unique subnet.



Dedicated IP address

Dedicated IP address

Frequently asked questions

What do you need from me?

It is always useful for us to know from which country you want to request a dedicated IP address, and for which website(s) we are allowed to link it. If you have specific wishes, you can of course always contact us. support department.

Why do search results improve in a country?

Google ranks home-grown sites higher in search results. With an IP address from the same country you automatically score higher. If you target your website or shop to visitors from a certain country, a Dedicated IP address can contribute to better findability.

How fast is a dedicated IP address arranged?

In most cases we can deliver a dedicated IP address the same day. Depending on the number and country, this can take several days.

Can I use the IP for multiple websites?

This is certainly possible if you use our Managed WordPress VPS or Reseller hosting. It is not possible to use a Dedicated IP address for different servers.