What is domain privacy?

When you register a domain, it is recorded in the WHOIS database that you are the owner of a domain name. This data can be requested by anyone and can be abused by third parties for sending spam or advertising. Spammers and marketing companies will find your name, email, phone number and address.
With this service, your contact details are anonymised in the WHOIS database. As a result, your data will no longer be publicly accessible and will be replaced by anonymised contact details. With our included forwarding service, people can still reach you without your personal information being online or visible.



Domain Privacy | 1-20 domains



Domain Privacy | 20+ domains

Domain privacy

At Surver we anonymize your personal data in the WHOIS database and change it to an anonymous name. With our included forwarding service, people can still reach you, without your personal details being visible.

Frequently asked questions

What changes to my domain?

If your domain is searched in the WHOIS database, our privacy information will be shown there, instead of your personal information. Any contact requests will be made via a contact form so that your contact details cannot be used for marketing purposes. Each contact request will be forwarded to the domain owner after verification.

Where is my information displayed?

Online for each extension WHOIS databases are public and searchable, allowing anyone to publicly find out who owns a domain. For a .NL domain it's for example SIDN. For international domains such as .com, .net and .org you can go to ICANN.

Is Domain Privacy advisable?

Yes, it is! Especially to prevent SPAM on your email address, a Domain Privacy is an important first step.

How can I add privacy to my domain?

When ordering a domain name, you can easily add the option Domain Privacy as an add-on. You may of course always send an email to support@surver.nl with the domain for which you want to request Domain Privacy, then we will make it up to you.