Surver's MailPro makes it possible to send large quantities of outgoing e-mails via a specially set up mail server. A must-have for WooCommerce webshops, member sites, applications or when sending newsletters. Think of order confirmations, password reset mails, track & trace updates or marketing related mails.




MailPro 10

Up to 10,000 emails per month



MailPro 25

Up to 25,000 emails per month



MailPro 50

Up to 50,000 emails per month



MailPro 100

Up to 100,000 emails per month

Frequently asked questions

When is transactional mail server interesting?

If you regularly send more than 100 emails, or generally 50 emails a day, our MailPro services are highly recommended in order to guarantee deliverability, reliability and scalability.

How much faster is my mail at the recipient

Emails are guaranteed to be sent within 0.3 seconds via MailPro. For a standard outgoing mail this can take up to 45 seconds.

Is there also mail coming in spam folder recipient?

Our mail server is configured in such a way that the incoming mail server of the receiving party sees that the e-mails are legitimate. The chance that a mail will still end up in the receiving party's spam folder is very small.

Do you also take care of the installation?

Yes, it is! As soon as we have set up the outgoing mailserver we will send you the login details by email. We will link these to your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop free of charge.