What's Surver Cache?

It is best to always have all pages of your WordPress website cached, but that is not the reality. The content of your page is only stored for a limited time at the first visit. Your cache is also emptied each time you make changes. So in practice you leave a lot of performance and conversion behind.
Surver Cache solves this problem completely by crawling all pages and products and storing them in the server's working memory. As a result, your website will always load extremely fast, resulting in a higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate and click price. Surver cache is definitely recommended when you have a website with many pages or products or when you advertise.

Since we use Surver Cache on our WooCommerce shop, our conversion rate has increased by 23% in two months. In addition, our site is now 300% faster than with our previous host, and our bounce rate has dropped from 38 to 11%. Surver Cache has really made a difference for us; more turnover, less advertising costs.


Are you still in doubt?

For a large online furniture store in the Netherlands, after activation of Surver Cache, we were able to realise a turnover increase of 23%, while the monthly advertising costs decreased by 8%.


  • When in the cache
  • Which pages in the cache
  • Loading time
  • Crawler functionality
  • Caching based on sitemap
  • Suitability for many pages
  • Caching infrequently visited pages
Surver Cache
  • Always
  • All pages
  • Extremely fast
  • Always
Regular cache
  • After visitor
  • After visitor
  • Quick
  • Sometimes
No cache
  • Never
  • No pages
  • Normally
  • Never

Callback request

Would you like to discuss the possibilities of Surver Cache by phone? Schedule a callback request and we will contact you when it suits you best.

Mail or chat?

Of course you can! Use the green button at the bottom right of your screen to quickly contact our helpdesk via e-mail or chat. We are happy to help you!

Surver Cache

There is one type of Surver Cache, where the price per month is lower when purchased for a longer period of time. Whether you choose to invoice per month, quarter or per year, we take care of the installation and configuration for you free of charge.




  • Installation in website
  • Coupling with LiteSpeed plugin
  • Configuration sitemap

Frequently asked questions

Does Surver Cache work automatically?

After we have activated the LiteSpeed Surver Cache function on your package, we configure your WordPress website. We link all new functions to the LiteSpeed cache plugin, so you can manage all functions from there. We also set up a cronjob so that all pages, products, and posts are automatically crawled. This way, you don't have to work on it yourself and you don't have to pay attention to anything.

What if my webshop has an extremely large number of pages?

When you have a website with hundreds of pages, or a WooCommerce shop with thousands of products, the crawler may not have enough time to put all pages in the Surver Cache. In this case, the most important pages are placed in the cache. There is no limit to the number of pages or products, which is very interesting if you have a lot of content, pages or products running.

Which pages are crawled?

By default, the crawler follows the sitemap of your site, which we set up for you. The crawler places the pages in the cache in order of importance. You can also send us an overview of the most important pages you want the crawler to crawl, then we'll make sure we set this up for you.

Can I see the status of Surver Cache?

Surver cache is linked to the Litespeed caching plugin. A dashboard is linked to this plugin in which you can consult the status and other settings. The process runs fully automatically, so no technical knowledge is required. Of course you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Does the crawler need to be updated?

No, that's not necessary. The function works fully automatically and caches your pages according to your sitemap or personal preference. We can provide you with updates to Litespeed cache if you wish. For example, WordPress maintenance, optimization and security of your WordPress site is part of our 'Managed WordPress' packages.

How long does the installation take?

The installation and configuration of Surver Cache is completed within one working day. If you place your order in the morning, we can often complete the setup the same day before you.