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After we have received the login details from your hosting party we move all files, databases, DNS records and mail accounts often within 24 hours.

No downtime

Don't worry if your site and mail will remain accessible during the migration. 

Don't worry about whether your website and e-mail will continue to work. We can move your website and e-mail without down-time.
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Faster website

After your website has been transferred you will notice how fast our servers are, we will also further optimize the website.

After your website has been transferred you will notice how fast our servers are, we will also further optimize the website.

How does a move to Surver work?

The hosting packages offered by Surver are very extensive. Not only do we guarantee the fastest loading times, but we also offer handy tools that not only improve the performance of your site, but save you a lot of time.

1. Requesting a relocation service

After completing your order you can use our migration form to send us the login details of your current hosting party. In order to migrate your website, we need both the FTP and WordPress login details. If you also want us to migrate your email accounts, please provide the email addresses and associated passwords with the request.
What do we need?

2. Preparing for migration

After receipt we check the data and, in consultation with you, plan the move. If you are moving your e-mail accounts as well, we will create them and the corresponding passwords. Have you set up forwarding with your current provider, or do you use G Suite or Outlook, then we will also take over these settings for you. In addition, we prepare the domain to be transferred, if desired.
What do we need?

3. Migration data and database

Now it's time to migrate all website files and data in the database. If you also let us migrate your e-mail accounts, we will make sure the complete folder structure is transferred. This way no mail will be lost and you will be able to receive and send mails immediately after the migration.

4. Modify DNS and move domains

After we migrated all data to our servers, we adjust the DNS at the current provider so the website will be loaded via Surver. Incoming mails will also be delivered to the new server. The last step is the transfer of the domain. For most domains - like a .NL - the transfer will take no longer than 30 minutes. For a .COM, it can take up to 5 days before the domain is transferred. During this period, your site will of course remain accessible and you can continue to send e-mails.
What do we need?

5. Control

When all the above steps have been completed, we will perform a final check. We will check if the website is loading fast and correctly, if the SSL certificate is working and if the contact form is still working. We will also migrate the mails from your previous provider so we are 100% sure nothing is missing. After checking, you will receive a delivery email from us. Of course, you can always perform a check yourself to make sure everything is correct. You can also cancel the services from your old provider now.
What can you do?
Switching to a new provider can be exciting. Don't worry! At Surver, we have all the tools you need to make the migration go smoothly.

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