WordPress Site Hacked? This is how you restore your website.

It is of course very annoying if your WordPress site is hacked. If this happens to you it is important to restore your website in a good and safe way. If you are hacked you usually notice that your visitors are redirected to a website where (illegal) things are being sold. Sometimes your website will be blocked by your hosting party and they will only unblock the site after you have fixed the hack.

How do you know if your site's been hacked?

To check if you have been hacked you can use Sucuri's online scanner:

Below you'll find useful tips to recover most hacked websites. You will at least need access to your server and of course WordPress.

Restore a backup from some time ago

This is perhaps the easiest solution of all. Restore a backup from one or a few weeks ago. Don't you know how to do this? Ask your hosting party. Sometimes you are lucky and the backup of the website is still clean. The only disadvantage is that you don't know where the hack came from and you can't easily protect yourself against a future hack.

Use a security plugin to scan your website

Do you still have access to the website and can you install plugins in WordPress? Then I advise you to install a free security plugin such as Wordfence to install. After installation you can have the website scanned and all hacked files removed or repaired.

Call in professional help!

Hackers are sometimes very smart and sometimes you have just restored your website, the site will be hacked again immediately. Professional parties know what they are doing and make sure your website works normally again and that no data is lost. is part of Surver. Via We have already helped numerous companies and individuals clean and secure their websites. Your website will be restored within 24 hours.

Never get hacked again?

Surver offers a hack free guarantee with all packages. This means that Surver secures your website and checks it for suspicious activity. In the unlikely event that the site is hacked, we will restore the site at no extra cost. In addition, we make a backup every hour until more than one month back.

Do you have a question about a hacked WordPress site? Ask our team!