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Whether you are looking for the fastest WordPress hosting, or a reliable partner for management and maintenance, we offer a package to suit your needs.

WordPress hosting

Guaranteed fastest hosting, optimized for WordPress


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Managed WordPress hosting

Speed, security, technical maintenance and WordPress support


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Reseller hosting

Sell the fastest WordPress hosting, fully white labeled


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peace of mind

Worry-free website

Free to focus on growing your business. Let us manage your WordPress site. Always online, monitored and in control.


WordPress optimized

With our fast servers and built-in optimization tools you'll enjoy the fastest loading times. All day, every day!

Grow with WordPress

Together for growth

All packages are scalable. As a WordPress partner, we do everything in our power to help you achieve your online goals.

The best infrastructure

The latest technologies; fast NVMe storage and LiteSpeed webservers, fully optimized for WordPress. We also use the latest caching and optimisation techniques which we seamlessly integrate into your WordPress installation. This way your visitors are guaranteed the fastest loading times. Always.
WordPress optimized
Managed WordPress maintenance

Carefree entrepreneurship

Doing what you do best and what you like, that's what we at Surver find most important. With us as your online WordPress partner, you are assured of an optimally functioning, fast and especially secure website, day in and day out. And if something goes wrong, we will notify you if it is already fixed. Choose from WordPress hosting or managed WordPress hosting.

WordPress experts

Over 12 years of knowledge and experience invested in creating the best (Managed) WordPress hosting solution in the market. We have all the tools in house to get the best out of your WordPress website, so you don't have to worry about speed, stability and security.
Do you have a WordPress question, or do you want to spar with us about a suitable solution? Service means more to us than just support. We like to get in touch with you!
WordPress without worries
WordPress optimization

What makes Surver different?

The hosting packages offered by Surver are very extensive. Not only do we guarantee the fastest loading times, but we also offer handy tools that not only improve the performance of your site, but save you a lot of time.

  • The fastest hosting
  • Fully optimized
  • WordPress experts

The number of orders on your website, compared to the number of visitors, increases enormously if your website loads fast. This in contrast to a slow website, where more than 40% of the visitors leave the site when it takes longer than three seconds to load.

LiteSpeed Web Servers

At Surver, we understand the importance of a fast site. Our latest generation Litespeed webservers are designed for maximum performance, to make your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop as fast as possible.

LiteSpeed Cache

Furthermore, our packages come standard with the LiteSpeed Cache tool; the best available caching solution in the market. This tool makes the use of separate caching plugins such as WP Rocket, W3 Total cache or WP Fastest Cache by Surver completely unnecessary.

Running a server costs serious money. The less you pay for a package, the more websites are placed on a server to make it profitable, resulting in slow load times, downtime and unhappy visitors.

The difference a good and fast server can make on the loading time of a site is often forgotten. It is better to invest a few extra euros per month in a decent package, than to go for the cheap solution.

With Surver you are assured of the fastest loading times in the market, as well as high uptime guarantees and adequate response from our WordPress professionals.


WordPress sites can run a lot faster if they are properly optimized. Surver runs all websites on LiteSpeed servers in combination with LiteSpeed cache. LiteSpeed cache works at both server and website level. With the managed WordPress packages we set the LiteSpeed cache for you so you can benefit from fast loading times. 

Besides LiteSpeed cache we offer a number of tools to optimize the images of your site. You can also use a CDN or CacheFlow to make your site really super fast. 

By purchasing all the WordPress work from one party, you can switch quickly and problems are solved quickly. Surver knows how to build a fast website or webshop that runs well on the LiteSpeed infrastructure.

WordPress modifications

Our WordPress experts are happy to help you with small or recurring changes to your WordPress site. Our regular customers have the option to buy hours monthly or as a strippenkaart. This gives you a discount and you do not have to invoice each hour separately. Check Here for more information.

Design & development

Surver also designs and develops websites. From smaller landing pages based on a template to large websites and webshops that are custom designed and developed. We gladly advise you about the possibilities and which solution will achieve the best results. Check Here for more information.

Custom WordPress hosting

Our packages are suitable for all industries; blogs with many visitors, the barber shop around the corner, architectural firms and educational institutions. They all rely on Surver to give them the service, speed and stability they need 24/7.


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Blogs with many visitors, the barber shop around the corner, architectural firms and educational institutions; they all rely on Surver to give them the service, speed and stability they need 24/7.

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