1 September 2021

Fair Use Policy

To prevent excessive use and inconvenience to other users, we apply a Fair Use Policy. This allows us to continue providing consistent quality of service to our customers in all situations. We use various tools to monitor all activities on our platform so that irregularities can be detected quickly.
Our limits are set very broadly so that in practice you never actually fall short. In a small number of other cases, our services are regularly abused, either consciously or unconsciously. For these cases, we will look for the best solution together.

What is not allowed

We at Surver are happy to give you all the tools and opportunities you need to get the best out of our services and your website. As a result, our policy is also many times more flexible and broad than other hosting companies. However, some things are not allowed:
  • Making backups via a WordPress plugin or other tool, as we make backups of your account several times a day;
  • Using your hosting account's storage space for purposes other than hosting a WordPress website;
  • Sharing your hosting account publicly with others;
  • Place copyrighted content on your hosting account;
  • Using your hosting account for file storage or file sharing;
  • Using your hosting account for streaming;
  • Using inefficient or heavy code that demands unreasonable resources from the server;
  • Casino of Adult websites or content.

We will never block, cancel or delete your account, or send you a bill for using extra resources without any form of warning. If your account does not meet our FUP and/or if you cause inconvenience to other users, we will first contact you to find a suitable solution together.

If major damage is caused to third parties, for example by phishing scripts or sending large volumes of SPAM, we will take immediate action. In almost all cases, your website remains accessible to visitors, however, there is limited possibility to modify or export files for security reasons.

1. Monitoring NVMe

For best performance, we use NVMe storage; the fastest and most advanced type of storage is in the market. To offer NVMe storage with all our packages, there are a number of guidelines when using it:

1.1. Storage should be used for your WordPress installation(s)
Using your account as a backup or any other type of storage location is not allowed. High-performance NVMe storage is intended to provide the highest possible speed, and is not intended to be Dropbox.
1.2. No backups in own account
We do not allow storing backups within your account. We make multiple backups of your account daily. You can also create additional backups on demand using Installatron. These backups are stored externally and can be requested or restored at any time. We do not allow you to create and save backups externally via a plugin or your own tool. This is a waste not only of expensive storage, but also of your website's performance.
1.3. More than 20GB of NVMe storage
If you have more than 20GB of files in use, we ask you to delete non-essential files so that your website can continue to run on NVMe. If you have more than 20GB in use, we will transfer your account to SSD storage.

2. Monitoring bandwidth

We offer this completely unlimited at Surver. However, we do monitor usage.

3. Monitoring CPU

Everything that happens in your hosting package is calculated by a processor, also called Central Processor Unit (CPU). Depending on the package, each website has an amount of CPU at its disposal. At Surver, we provide all the space you need to use the processor for what it is meant for; handling processes.
Of course, it can always happen that a plugin or script crashes, causing a spike in the account's working memory or CPU. This is no problem at all, as our monitoring only measures structural usage. If your website constantly has 20% of CPU in use, action needs to be taken. In this case, we will of course always contact you.

4. Monitoring MySQL

All WordPress websites use at least one database. If a database is larger than 2GB or if it uses a large portion of resources then it affects the performance of the server causing websites on that server to slow down.

To keep your site running as quickly and optimally as possible, we advise you to optimise the database regularly. With our Managed packages, we pick this up periodically for you as standard.

5. Monitoring e-mail

When it comes to e-mail, we also offer a premium solution through SpamExperts. In some cases, we will contact you:
5.1. Mailbox storage space

Unlimited storage does not apply to mailboxes. We will contact you if an individual mailbox takes up more than 5GB of storage, or if total mail usage exceeds 15GB.

5.2. Large quantities
If more than 20,000 mails are stored in your mailbox, we will also contact you. Very large amounts of e-mails have a negative impact on backups, so we cannot offer a higher backup frequency.
5.3. Sending too many e-mails
Per hour, 100 mails can be sent via your account. Above that, please refer to our transactional mail solutions.
5.4. High bounce rate
A bounce is an e-mail that cannot be successfully delivered, negatively affecting your domain and the IP reputation of our servers.

6. Monitoring malware

We use the term malware for files or scripts that are placed unwanted on a WordPress website and can lead to abuse. Examples include sending SPAM or performing attacks or phishing actions.
Despite multiple firewalls and patching of known security vulnerabilities, it can still happen that unwanted access is gained to a WordPress installation by using unsafe and not updated plugins, for example.

Using sophisticated software, we check every website on our platform daily for unwanted code. If we detect malware on your account, we will notify you immediately. For Managed packages, we will first remove the malware, completely free of charge. After that, we will also preventively secure the website to prevent another hack. If you have a hosting-only account, we will look for a solution together. We fully assist you in this and also offer the option of having us professionally clean up malware.

Questions or special requests

If you have a question, temporarily need more CPU/working memory or are looking for another solution, please contact us at support@surver.nl. We'd love to think with you!

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