Website hacked?

No problem! We will clean up your WordPress site so you will be back online in no time.


Repair hacked website

Has your WordPress site been hacked? No worries, we can clean any hacked WordPress website and get it back online. At Surver, we have years of experience with WordPress and cleaning and securing hacked websites.

Do you want to be sure that your website will never be hacked again? Then switch to Surver and we will take care of the migration, security, hosting and maintenance of your WordPress website. 

Years of experience

At Surver, we have years of experience with WordPress. So far, we've been able to make every website clean. 

Excellent service

Throughout the process we will keep you informed of progress. We always respond very quickly to questions.

Money back guarantee

Are we unable to clean the website? Then you just get the paid amount back. 

Quickly online

Within 24 hours we will clean your website and get it back online.


Afterwards you will receive a report from us with the hacks found and the work done.


With each package we provide a 30 or 90 day warranty. If you switch to a Managed package at Surver we offer a 100% hack free guarantee.

Proud of our 5 star rating


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How we clean up a hacked website

1. Ordering a service

Choose the package that best suits your needs. Need advice, please feel free to contact us. After your order we can start working for you immediately!

2. Supplying login details

After placing your order, please fill in our repair form. You will need to enter the login details for your hosting environment and WordPress. In the meantime our helpdesk is available for questions.

3. Data verification

Before we can start we will check all login details, if we need more information we will contact you directly.

4. Cleaning up the site

We are going to work for you! In the next 24 hours we will scan your website and remove the malware. If desired, your website will also be secured.

5. Preparation of report

After we have made the website hack-free, we write a report in which all information regarding the hack, security measures and tips is clearly explained.

6. Delivery

After delivery we are always available for questions. We are also happy to advise you about our managed package, completely free of obligation.

Our packages

Managed package

Continuously clean and secured


Starting price/month

Clean & safe

Hack free and secured once



Malware removed in no time


Do you have a question?

Do you have multiple websites that have been hacked or have a specific question for us? Please contact us or submit a callback request. We'd love to help you out!


Since 2017, we have been able to restore over 600 websites.

24 hours

The period within which we deliver your website clean again.

5 stars

Five star service! Our customers are satisfied with our service.

It's not easy when your WordPress site gets hacked! You are probably wondering what is going on, if your site can still be repaired and who can help you. At Surver, we have all the tools to restore your website professionally and quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have tried it already, but it can be very difficult to get a website completely clean again. We have a lot of experience with WordPress and malware removal, so we recommend you let a professional take care of it.

We give discounts if multiple websites have been hacked. You can best contact us via so that we can send you a tailor-made offer.

Yes we can! We can clean all WordPress sites. 

Absolutely not! From a one-time fee of 129,- (excl. VAT) the hack will be solved by us. If the hack does not succeed you will get your money back.

On our Cleaning & Security -We give a 90 day warranty on our website. Should your website be hacked again within that period of time, the problem will be solved by us completely free of charge.

The best way is to choose a secure hosting company and have your website properly maintained. Surver offers affordable WordPress packages where you don't have to worry about security, hosting or speed of your website. At Surver, we guarantee a secure and maintenance-free website 365 days a year. Check Here for an overview of our Managed WordPress packages.

Need help? Get in touch!

Do you have multiple websites that have been hacked or do you have a specific question for us? Contact us or request a free scan. We will gladly help you!

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