Your WordPress website; always safe & secure

Our servers and firewalls are fully optimised and configured for WordPress. Each site is placed in an isolated container and continuously monitored for malware. We proactively secure your site so you sleep better at night. 

Specialised WordPress security

Because we are fully specialised in WordPress, we can perform vulnerability analyses of plugins and themes to proactively detect and prevent hacking attempts targeting your site.

With our Managed WordPress packages, we take security a level higher by hiding the WordPress login link, monitoring incorrect login attempts by bots, keeping sites up-to-date on an ongoing basis and issuing a hack-free guarantee.

Server security - features

Malware protection

We scan your WordPress installation daily for malware or file changes that may indicate that your website has been hacked. Should we - due to an outdated plugin or theme - still discover malware, we immediately perform a full deep scan of your entire account. This way, we can advise you on the next steps and, if desired, remove the malware and repair the site.

Daily backups

Twice daily, we backup all data within your hosting account. Backups are stored on an external server for up to 150 days. If a change causes problems or your site breaks down due to an update, you can restore a working version of your WordPress installation within minutes.

Brute force & DDoS attacks

At Surver, brute force / DDoS attacks are automatically repelled through an Imunify360 firewall. Furthermore, users' IP addresses are automatically blocked after multiple failed login attempts.

SSL certificate

SSL certificates are provided free of charge via Let's Encrypt. We do not limit the number of certificates per account. So you can install a certificate on any desired (sub)domain or alias.

Fully certified

Our infrastructure is fully optimised for WordPress and all our servers feature enterprise-level encryption and security. Also, our data centres have the highest certifications such as ISO 27001:2013 and PCI-DDS.

Daily backups

Worrying about making backups is a thing of the past with Surver. Every day, we make multiple backups of all files, databases, DNS zones, mail accounts and other data within your hosting account. All data are not stored within your hosting package, but on an external server outside our server cluster.

All backups can be restored up to 150 days back within cPanel account. With this frequency, we ensure that you always have a version of your site behind you

SSL with Let's Encrypt

Within cPanel, you have the option to install an SSL certificate for each (sub)domain completely free of charge. The certificates are automatically renewed a few days before the expiry date.

The Let's Encrypt SSL tool saves you a lot of money and time every year. For example, you do not need to purchase certificates, install Private keys or renew certificates.

MySurver account

At Surver, as a customer, you get access to a secure dashboard where you can easily manage all your services. For example, you can register a new domain name or set up a new hosting account in just a few clicks.

Confidential data is also shared securely via your account. For example, we do not deliver domain transfer codes by e-mail, but make them visible via your account upon request. You can also easily and quickly set a new password for cPanel.

MySurver security - features

2FA & single sign-on

If desired, you can secure the Surver Dashboard using two factor authentication. Via single sign-on, you can then log in securely - without a password - to cPanel or your WordPress installation.

Securely share your account

Collaboration is key! At Surver, we offer the ability to give third parties access to your dashboard without sharing your login details.

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