Get the most out of your WooCommerce shop with Surver

With Surver's WooCommerce packages, you are guaranteed fast load times, high uptime and continuous security. Our WordPress packages are configured for the best performance. Don't keep your customers waiting any longer.

All the benefits of Surver

Our packages are suitable for all industries; blogs with many visitors, the barber shop around the corner, architectural firms and training bodies. All rely on Surver to give them the service, speed and stability they need 24/7.

Top performance

The faster your site, the higher your pageviews, conversion and findability in Google. Our WooCommerce packages are configured for the highest performance.

Safe and secure

The security of your webshop is our top priority. We provide SSL as standard, a malware scanner and make multiple backups daily. Data loss and hacked sites are a thing of the past with us.

Proactive monitoring

Our uptime checks allow us to respond to problems quickly and appropriately so that as few visitors as possible are affected. This way, we can be proactive in our support and you are always assured of a working website that is accessible to your customers.

WordPress experts

A team of WordPress experts are on hand daily to answer your questions or help you further? If you wish, we will adapt your website, provide maintenance or speed up your site.

Everything under one roof

With managed WooCommerce packages, we take care of the updates to the WordPress core, themes, WooCommerce and other plugins. We know exactly with what priority updates should take place and when the latest version of WordPress is compatible with the theme and installed plugins. In this way, we ensure that WordPress websites remain secure and stable.
The maintenance and management of your site is our responsibility. Should something still go wrong when updating, we will solve the problem for you free of charge.

Unprecedentedly fast hosting, for WooCommerce

The number of orders on your website, relative to the number of visitors, increases dramatically when your website loads fast. This is in contrast to a slow website, where more than 40% of visitors leave the site when it takes longer than three seconds to load.
Our latest generation of cloud-based LiteSpeed servers are set up for maximum performance, allowing your WordPress site or WooCommerce shop to serve up pages unprecedentedly fast.
Free of charge, we activate our CacheFlow add-on on every cloud server that continuously caches and stores all pages, products and messages in the server's working memory, resulting in instant load times.

Reachable and helpful

Providing fast, expert hosting and WordPress support is our first priority. No rehearsed answers or unclear manuals, but a passionate team of hosting and WordPress experts ready to help you every day; by email, chat or by phone by appointment.

We can be reached by phone, email or chat.

Reviews from our customers

Surver is rated 4.9/5 stars based on hundreds of reviews posted by our customers on Google, Web hosts, Hosting comparator and Trustpilot.

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