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With over 10 years of WordPress experience, we know how to fix a WordPress website and keep it running. Contact us for an indication of costs.
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Website repair

Is your WordPress site no longer working? Are you getting an error 500 or just a white screen, for example? We will fix your WordPress website within 24 hours and give you tips to prevent this from happening in the future!
Request an analysis and we will give you a price indication to fix the problem.
Want to make sure your website is never hacked again? Then switch to Surver and we will take care of the move, security, hosting and maintenance of your WordPress website.

What can we help with

Is something not working or is WordPress giving an error message? We'll fix your website in no time.

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Always a functioning site?

Want to stop worrying about the performance of your website? Surver will help you where needed!

WordPress without worries

Surver maintains and hosts hundreds of WordPress sites. We know how to keep a WordPress website running. Among other things, we provide:
Never worry about a broken site again by switching to Surver. We are happy to help.

Switching to Surver

Surver offers Managed WordPress Hosting where we take care of the maintenance of your WordPress website. You never have to worry about your website again. Surver keeps your website up to date and makes sure your website always works.
When you switch to Surver, we fix and move your website for free. No more worries and hassles, we know how WordPress works and how to get the best out of your website. Take a look at our packages below.

Reachable and helpful

Providing fast, expert hosting and WordPress support is our first priority. No rehearsed answers or unclear manuals, but a passionate team of hosting and WordPress experts ready to help you every day; by email, chat or by phone by appointment.

We can be reached by phone, email or chat.
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