WordPress service desk

With a (Managed) WordPress hosting package at Surver, you get exclusive access to our WordPress service desk. We are happy to help you with a WordPress request, provide tailored advice and tackle work quickly and competently.

Maybe you want to make a textual change to your site, set up a new page, get advice on a plugin or have a customised theme built? At Surver, we have all the knowledge and tools in house to help you quickly and expertly with a change, question or problem. For specific technical questions, advice or work, we call in our in-house WordPress developers who have a solution for almost any issue. We even know how to design and build new WordPress websites!

Via your account at Surver, you have access to a separate page where you can view the status of projects or questions. We keep track of all activities, giving you an overview of the number of hours spent on each component. So there are never any surprises.

Our service

Our team is available daily for all your WordPress-related questions. Send us an email, or contact us via chat. If you'd rather take a call, you can!

Years of experience

We have more than 12 years of experience with WordPress, developing themes and plugins.

Lower costs

All our experience means we know what we are doing, which means we can solve your problem competently and quickly. You will, of course, see this reflected in the invoice.


Upon request, we will first provide a quote for the planned work so that you know exactly where you stand. No surprises!


Of course, we also offer a guarantee on our work. If something breaks during an update and you have a Managed subscription with Surver, we will solve the problem for you free of charge.

Rapid delivery

If you have an adjustment or addition, we always do our best to make it right for you within 24 hours.

WordPress customisations

Small adjustments are easy for us WordPress experts to make. First, we agree on an overview of the work to be done so you know exactly where you stand. Should certain activities take more time than expected, we will discuss them together first.

WordPress development

If you want to convert your current WordPress website into a shop or set up a connection with an existing stock system, look no further. At Surver, we specialise in WordPress development and associated code such as CSS, Javascript or PHP.

WordPress development

Developments in the web world move fast! After a few years, a website often needs a new design or update. At Surver, we are happy to design and develop your new website; from a landing page to an extensive webshop with 10,000+ products. If you already have a site but are unable to make any changes to the design or content, we will gladly transfer it for you to a setup that does work.

WordPress stripping cards

Our WordPress stripping cards give you answers to questions and solutions to problems in no time. You can also hire us to modify existing sites or build new ones. Our strip cards are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

10 hours

  • Discounted invoice in advance
  • Hours rounded per quarter of an hour
  • Contact by e-mail or telephone
  • Hours are valid for 3 years

5 hours

  • Discounted invoice in advance
  • Hours rounded per quarter of an hour
  • Contact by e-mail or telephone
  • Hours are valid for 3 years


  • Invoice afterwards
  • Hours rounded per quarter of an hour
  • Contact by e-mail or telephone
  • Response time based on availability

Reachable and helpful

Providing fast, expert hosting and WordPress support is our first priority. No rehearsed answers or unclear manuals, but a passionate team of hosting and WordPress experts ready to help you every day; by email, chat or by phone by appointment.

We can be reached by phone, email or chat.
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