Proactive WordPress support - helped within minutes

Providing fast, expert hosting and WordPress support is our first priority. No rehearsed answers or unclear manuals, but a passionate team of WordPress experts ready to help you every day; by email, chat or by phone by appointment.

Reachable and helpful

With many hosting companies, customer service is hidden behind unclear manuals, chatbots or a list of frequently asked questions. When you pay only a few euros each month for a hosting package, it is impossible to get fast and competent help. Specialised support costs time and a lot of money.

At Surver, we work with real people. Experienced support staff who can always be reached by e-mail or chat and who are guaranteed to quickly help you with your hosting or WordPress questions. If we do not understand your question properly or if something goes wrong with your website, it is always handy to be able to call. For emergencies, you have a direct line with us. If you have a specific WordPress question, feel free to make an appointment so we can call you at your convenience. In the meantime, we will look for the best solution to your question or problem.

Surver support - features

Help by e-mail, chat or telephone

Our support is available to you daily from 09:00 to 22:00 via our live chat or by email. During the week, we are also available by phone for emergencies from 09:00 to 18:00.

Guaranteed solution

We distinguish ourselves with first-class hosting and WordPress support. With us, you are assured of an answer to your question or an appropriate solution to your problem.

Premium hosting support

Hosting has many options and possibilities. As a result, it can sometimes be confusing how best to go about it. If you have questions about setting up your hosting package or the DNS of your domain, for example, we will be happy to help you. For every question, we offer a suitable guide to help you quickly on your way.

Nor do we expect you to have all the knowledge to install WordPress, change a DNS record or create a database yourself. With our Premium support services, you can outsource various tasks that you may have less time or experience with to the Surver support team.

WordPress support

If you have a Managed WordPress package and have a question about WordPress, a theme or a particular plugin, you can also contact our helpdesk. If you get stuck and we can solve your problem within 10 minutes, we will do this completely free of charge. Should it be more work, we will be happy to give you a price indication.

We help where needed

Removal service

We offer guaranteed fast, secure hosting without hassle. Our WordPress experts are happy to assist you and migrate your domain name, website, e-mail or server. We ensure a fast and secure migration, without downtime.

Clear manuals

Empty promises? Not at all. We won't keep you waiting, and we certainly won't leave you out in the cold. Our WordPress experts will work with you to answer all your questions.

WordPress maintenance

Basically, WordPress is a secure CMS, although you often depend on themes and plugins from developers for the look & feel or extra functionalities. Regular updates are released for these to keep your site safe, stable and fast. Missing an update is no big deal, but delaying maintenance for an extended period only creates conflicts and security risks.

With Surver's Managed WordPress hosting packages, we take all the technical maintenance out of your hands. This way, we guarantee the stability, security and speed of your website so you can focus on what you do best; running your business successfully.

WordPress service desk

With a (Managed) WordPress hosting package at Surver, you get exclusive access to our WordPress service desk. We are happy to help you with a WordPress request, provide tailored advice and tackle work quickly and competently.
Maybe you want to make a textual change to your site, set up a new page, get advice on a plugin or have a customised theme built? At Surver, we have all the knowledge and tools in house to help you quickly and expertly with a change, question or problem.
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