WordPress management - save time and money every day

Manage and develop your WordPress websites even more efficiently at Surver. Thanks to premium tools such as cPanel, a WordPress toolkit, WordPress maintenance & management, you will not only save yourself time, but also a lot of money.

cPanel control panel

With cPanel, managing your hosting package has never been easier. Beginners can install WordPress, create an e-mail account, configure SSL or set up a redirect in no time. Experienced users have direct access to the DNS zones, database wizard or terminal.

cPanel control panel - features

Domain and DNS management

Besides the main domain, you can add up to 100 additional domains for which you can manage DNS zones, set up forwarders or create e-mail accounts. In addition, you easily manage DNS records via the Zone Editor.

WordPress toolkit

With the WordPress toolkit, you set up a new WordPress installation with a single click. Furthermore, it is very easy to edit, update, clone or import an existing WordPress installation.

E-mail management

Creating new e-mail accounts is very easy. Also, cPanel offers the possibility to set up forwarders, catch-all mail addresses or autoreply - mails. Receiving spam is further minimised by our extensive checks on incoming mail.

File management

From the cPanel control panel, you manage all files via the file manager. This allows you to easily edit, upload or delete files so you no longer need separate software to update your site.

Database management

Through the MySQL Database Wizard, you can create a new database and user in no time. Via single sign-on, you easily log into PHPMyAdmin. At Surver, we offer no limit on the number of databases or database users you can set up within cPanel.

Set everything yourself

By default, each new hosting account is completely configured by us. However, if you would like to further tinker with DNS zones, PHP versions, file permissions or cron jobs yourself, this is certainly possible within cPanel.

WordPress toolkit

The WordPress Toolkit gives you full control over all your WordPress installations in one clear dashboard. With a few clicks, you can set up, manage, import, update or backup a WordPress installation.

Furthermore, you can set up a staging environment of your site for testing new features or making adjustments. At the touch of a button, you sync this development environment back to the live site.

WordPress toolkit - features

Install WordPress

The WordPress toolkit takes all the work out of your hands when you want to set up a new WordPress installation. You select the desired version of WordPress yourself and choose a username and password. The toolkit downloads and installs WordPress fully automatically and also configures a database in the process.

Import installation

Want to migrate a WordPress installation from another provider? No problem! Within the toolkit, you specify which server you want to import the installation from and which domain at Surver you want to set up the installation on. The tool will fully automatically import the files and database. 

Backup or restore

Within the WordPress toolkit, you can easily create an extra backup copy of your WordPress installation. This copy stores not only all files, but also a copy of your database on a remote server.

Creating additional backups can be useful if you like to have a working version of your WordPress installation behind you before you get started with updates, changes or a new theme.

Cloning & staging

By placing a clone of your WordPress installation on a staging environment, you can check changes before publishing them to the live website. This can be useful when you want to make changes to your site without visitors noticing. If you are happy with the changes, you can copy all the changes to the live site with the click of a button. 

WordPress maintenance

Basically, WordPress is a secure CMS, although you often depend on themes and plugins from developers for the look & feel or extra functionalities. Regular updates are released for these to keep your site safe, stable and fast. Missing an update is no big deal, but delaying maintenance for an extended period only creates conflicts and security risks.

With Surver's Managed WordPress hosting packages, we take all the technical maintenance out of your hands. This way, we guarantee the stability, security and speed of your website so you can focus on what you do best; running your business successfully.

Proactive monitoring

As part of our Managed packages, we check the reachability of your website every other minute. That's 720 checkpoints a day. 720 moments a day where we are ready to take immediate action whenever there is a problem with your website.

Our uptime checks allow us to respond to problems quickly and appropriately so that as few visitors as possible are affected. This way, we can be proactive in our support and you are always assured of a working website that is accessible to your customers.

Preventing or solving a hack? We do both.

Most hosting companies only rent you the server space. You are therefore responsible for the files you place on the server and for their maintenance. If your site is hacked, you can often look for a solution yourself, resulting in your site being off the air for days.

At Surver, we do things differently. Your account is constantly monitored for malware, viruses or hacks. If your WordPress site is hacked by an outdated plugin or leaking theme, we will know about it immediately, inform you and work together to find a solution.

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