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At Surver, we have over 8 years of experience in securing WordPress websites. Our WordPress experts ensure that your website is optimally secured.
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Safety above all

A safe and secure website is very important these days. Websites are constantly under attack by hackers and therefore often hacked. This can harm not only your website, but also your business. You are even legally obliged to properly secure the data of your visitors and customers. If you don't do this, it can be seen as negligence.

Surver is the expert in WordPress security and we can help you avoid a hacked site.

What security do you apply?


We scan the site for possible weaknesses and update the site when necessary. We apply a number of WordPress measures that prevent common hacks. We also install a firewall and scanner.


We check how the website is hosted and see what security measures we can implement at server level for each situation. We also secure the database and files.

Accounts & passwords

All accounts and passwords are checked and changed if necessary.

Future security

Security and hacks are constantly changing. Therefore, we provide tips and tricks on how to prevent future hacks.

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One-time WordPress security

Hack free and secure once
  • Secured within 24 hours
  • Additional tips for security
  • Firewall installation and optimisation
  • 90-day hack-free guarantee


WordPress hosting, maintenance and security
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  • LiteSpeed hosting
  • WordPress support
  • Automatic updates
  • Free domain name
  • 1x speed
  • 5GB NVMe SSD
  • Automatic backups
  • Free SSL
  • Hack-free guarantee
Hack free guarantee

Frequently asked questions

That is, of course, possible. There is a lot of information on the internet about it. It will probably cost you a lot more time than if we secure your site. Not that we doubt your technical background, but more because we have the experience, expertise and tools to optimally secure your website. All for a reasonable price.

We only secure WordPress websites. We can also secure websites built in other systems, but not at the competitive rate of €129. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

That is certainly possible! Best to contact us directly for this at so we can estimate the work and send you a quote.

You can most easily get to the packages click on 'order' or contact us at

Absolutely not! For a one-off €129 we will secure your website.

We offer a 90-day guarantee on our "Secure" service. Should your website be hacked within that period, we will solve the problem completely free of charge.

Reachable and helpful

Providing fast, expert hosting and WordPress support is our first priority. No rehearsed answers or unclear manuals, but a passionate team of hosting and WordPress experts ready to help you every day; by email, chat or by phone by appointment.

We can be reached by phone, email or chat.
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