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Everything you need to translate, display and manage your multilingual website, with full editing control.


Our Mailflow packages are available from €9.95 per month. With these, you mail from a unique domain and send up to 10,000 transactional emails per month.

Translation tool setup

One-off start-up costs

Automatic translation


Manual translation control

€on request

Your website in any language

Do you also want to attract international visitors to your website? Let us easily translate your website and reach people from all over the world. We offer translations in the following languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Are you interested in another language? Contact us for a customised quote.

When needed?

By default, emails are sent from the server or your regular mailbox in your hosting account. As this goes through our outgoing spam filter, these emails only arrive at the recipient after about 45 seconds. With MailFlow, you can send all marketing, website and application e-mails not only very quickly, but above all safely, without running into sending and security limits.

Frequently asked questions

Automatic translations have gotten better and better over the years. Nowadays, translation programmes can even translate proverbs and sentence structures well. Certainly well-known languages such as English, German, French, Dutch and many others can be translated well between each other and often come across as if written by a real person.

Yes, after your site has been automatically translated, you can easily translate texts and phrases via the translation plugin. We will send you instructions on how to do this.

No, that is not necessary. If you have a good command of the language yourself or you know someone else who masters the language, you may also do the translation check yourself after your website has been automatically translated by us.

If you have images with text in them on your website, they will not be automatically translated. However, you can create a translated image and place it on the website, which will still make the image correct in any language.
You can choose what the URLs will look like. Most companies choose This is what most companies use and what often works best for SEO.

Yes this is possible. We can detect which language the user would like best based on various factors and make sure they end up on the right language.

How do you translate my website?

To translate your website, we use a translation plugin in combination with an automatic translation engine, so we can easily translate your website. If necessary, you can have the translated text proofread by a human to ensure that everything is 100% correct, in every language.

Making a website translatable

First, we need to make your website suitable for translation. For this, we install a plugin and make sure it is set up properly.

Automatic translation

Translating a website normally takes a lot of time. We do most of the translation automatically by using DeepL, an AI-based translation engine.

Manual control

An automatic translation is obviously quick and easy, but a manual check by a human gives you the assurance that it is 100% correct.

Different languages

We offer 7 languages as standard: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Would you like another language such as Chinese or Russian? Please contact us.

1. Making website translatable

We install the translation plugin, add the languages and integrate the language selection in the menu



2. Automatic translation

Optionally, have your website automatically translated with one of the packages below.

Translate Starter

For smaller websites with up to 2 languages



Translate Professional

For smaller websites with up to 4 languages



Translate Business

For smaller websites with up to 6 languages



3. Translation check (optional)

Per 10,000 characters (about 2,000 words)

Price on request

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